Please be aware that this documentation is for closp version 0.2.0. In version 0.3.0 many things will change and the documentation will be updated soon.


To follow this tutorial you need to have installed:

  • A JDK (Oracle, OpenJDK and IBM JDK > 1.6 are supported)
  • Set the path to include the bin folder of the JDK
  • Set the JAVA_HOME variable to point to your JDK
  • Leiningen version > 2.5 - (follow the instructions for a correct installation)

Getting started

Open your command line and switch to a folder of your choice. Then execute the following commands:

lein new closp project-name -n foo.example –template-version 0.2.0 cd project-name
lein migrate
lein repl
in the repl enter: (start-dev-system)
lein figwheel (open a new command line for this, as lein repl will keep the existing one busy)


lein new closp project-name-n foo.example

This creates a new clojure application in the folder project-name. It will download all the necessary files and create the appropriate folder structure.

lein migrate

This will migrate the existing database files into a h2 database.
The database files are stored in: env/dev/entities.
And the new database will be created in: db/.

lein repl

This will start a new REPL in your command line. After the REPL is up enter (start-dev-system) to start the web server on port 3000.
Your web application is now available at: http://localhost:3000/.

lein figwheel

This command compiles the clojurescript files and opens a websocket to the browser. After switching to http://localhost:3000/example you can see the page that serves the generated javascript on the example page.

Project Structure

|-- db
|-- env
|   |-- dev
|   |   |-- cljs - cljs files for development
|   |   |-- entities - entity descriptions for closp-crud
|-- integtest
|   |-- clj - selenium web tests
|-- resources
|   |-- sqlite - sqlite database migrations files
|   |-- public
|   |   |-- css
|   |   |-- img
|   |   |-- js
|   |-- templates - selmer html templates
|   |-- closp.edn - config file for closp
|   |-- closp-crud.edn - config file for closp-crud
|   |-- joplin.edn - config file for joplin (database migration)
|-- src
|   |-- clj - clojure source files
|   |-- cljc - clojure reader conditional source files
|   |-- cljs - clojurescript source files
|-- test - unit tests

Thats it, you can start coding now.